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Permanent Magnet(PM) Brushless Motors for Electric vehicles are an increasing attention subject for all automotive OEMs with advent of new paradigm in green transportation. Rare-Earth PM BLDC motor is such a new energy saving electrical machine, which has the merits of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low rotary inertia, highly control precision and so on.

We do consider the interior magnetic structure compared to the surface magnetic structure as intrinsic values are more reliable with higher mechanical strength and better anti-demagnetization ability and extend the better field-weakening operation area.

The preliminary design of IPM-BLDC Motors considers various parameters judiciously like outer diameter of stator, inner diameter of stator, air gap length, no. of stator slots, dimension of stator slots, tooth width, no. of parallel branches, no. of conductor per slot, outer diameter of rotor, inner diameter of rotor, core length, thickness of magnet, width of magnet, mechanical pole embrace, width of magnetic bridge, length of magnetic bridge etc.

With the help of our European technology partner who are already into this motor business through designing, developing, manufacturing and selling for more than 30years, we present our different application based BLDC motors and controllers for our target customers. Firstly, the performance indicators of our motors are determined in line with the power requirements of the E-Vehicle at different driving speed and then followed by choosing the right Air-Gap length, Permanent magnet Thickness and the no. of stator winding turns as variable and subsequently parametric analysis is made to check the in-turn influence of structural parameters on system efficiency and torque –current ratio. Post doing all kind of lab iteration, an optimized design based prototype is built and extended for testing in-house as well as at customer’s end to check whether the prototype meets the need of the driving system, both in constant torque region and constant power region.

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In-House Design & Validation:

To meet the requirements of various driving conditions of frequent acceleration or deceleration, climbing under heavy load and high-speed cruise, the extended constant power speed range, as well as high power and high efficiency over the torque-speed envelope , different motor topologies are tried out for motor design. Either customer given vehicle configuration or self-selected category of application are used as initial design project and validation. 

With aid of various software tools and platforms, we carry out the whole design initiative. Based on Performance criteria, when Topology selection is done, then key steps of Sizing is executed based on machine configuration, TRV, air gap & shear stress, electric loading, magnetic loading etc. All kind of materials selections for lamination core, magnetic material , rotor retention, sintered cores, adhesives, potting compounds etc. are carried out. All poles , slot selection, core sizing, back EMF, winding design, flux optimization to aid best performance from the machine and minimize all losses.

Prototyping, Testing & Proofing :

With aid of many local vendors and manufacturers specially in the area of sheet metal forming, stamping, casting, forging , machining, plastic mold maker, 3D printing , POP, and other , we do validate the final design and simulation. 

We at TSUYO, validates through our internal Motor testing Rig, Vehicle Rig, Field Trial and Customer on-site performance check and proofing 

Winding & Testing :

All windings of motors are done as per our pre-set winding details and drawings. All winding preparation, stages and finishing are aligned with set SOPs, Control Plan, Check Sheet, PDIs and Finishing Templates. All Winders are trained winders and to suffice our production requirement , our job work partners are also aligned with process and deliverables with required compliances.

Assembly & Testing:

All kind of BLDC , IPM, AC Induction motors are assembled in-house with set process and guidelines and all required quality parameters are maintained for a defect free finished product. All work stations are displayed with required SOPs , Jigs, fixtures, templates, Check sheet and other to maintain all productions as per the specifications. 

Marking, Packaging & Dispatch :

We take due care for providing all required traceability, batch no. QR code for tracking and traceability against all kind of failures, filed issues or return parts. Packaging standards are maintained in such a way as the transit damages can be avoided and the product form can be well maintained and managed.

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