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Cumulative More than 50 Years of Motor Design Experience

TEAM TSUYO engaged in All kind of SPM, IPM, AC Induction, SynRM, SRM, Axial Flux Designs for varied Application

We at TSUYO, design and develop all kind of motors and controllers with specific parameters and attributes according to the end usage pattern and driver behaviour. Our Products are also easy to service and monitor. We finalize our products’ BOM based on several re-engineering, benchmarking and supply chain feasibility way. Our motors’ durability and efficiency are key highlights to look for.

Permanent Magnet(PM) Brushless Motors for Electric vehicles are an increasing attention subject for all automotive OEMs with advent of new paradigm in green transportation. Rare-Earth PM BLDC motor is such a new energy saving electrical machine, which has the merits of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, low rotary inertia, highly control precision and so on.


Technology Collaboration & Partnership

TSUYO brings unique technical and innovation prowess in the field of Motor and Drive. Firstly, the performance indicators of our motors are determined in line with the power requirements of the E-Vehicle at different driving speed and then followed by choosing the right Air-Gap length, Permanent magnet Thickness and the no. of stator winding turns as variable and subsequently parametric analysis is made to check the in-turn influence of structural parameters on system efficiency and torque –current ratio. Post doing all kind of lab iteration, an optimized design based prototype is built and extended for testing in-house as well as at customer’s end to check whether the prototype meets the need of the driving system, in line with end parametric desired solutions to extend desired rpm, torque, efficiency, thermal management, power to weight ratio, form factor, life of motor, and other electrical integration and system level performance as a whole.

With the help of our esteem partners , leading technical institutes who are pioneer in certain specific areas which further strengthen market positioning of TSUYO for their different product solutions and services in Electric Vehicle domain.
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