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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Dealership
What is the difference between TSUYO Dealer & CNF/Distributorship?

Tsuyo Dealership – applicable for small outlets with average stock size for 10-15 sets minimum for a given month. Min. investment size will be INR 50,000-75,000/- only while a good performing dealership may always increase their stock size as per regular sales’ performance. All dealership will be provided their regular stocks through their respective CNF/Distributorship point and in case of absence of same, the stock will be provided by the company manufacturing unit or nearby warehouses. Dealers are entitled to operate within their specific territory only as per the company’s contract.

Tsuyo CNF/Distributorship – applicable for bigger outlets with average stock size ranging from 100-400 sets per month based on respective territories and exclusive rights to sell within specified territory as per company’s contract only. All CNF/Distributorship are accountable and responsible to maintain the sufficient stock and support for connected dealers or OEM customers as finalized by the company time to time.

What is the minimum investment size for Dealers and CNF/Distributorship?


Average Investment Size: INR 50,000/- to INR 75,000/-

Stock Size: 10-15 Sets / Month


Average Investment Size: INR 3,50,000 /- to INR 10,00,000/-

Stock Size: 100-400 Sets / Month

What is the minimum average return on investment?

Excluding all sort of expenses including rent, manpower, sales & marketing expenses, taxes, inventory cost, cost of capital, the minimum ROI is expected approx. 50% yearly.

What is the minimum product margin for Dealers and CNF/Distributorship?

Dealers: Average 10-12%

CNF/ Distributorship: 8-10%

What kind of Sales & Marketing support to be provided by the company to CNF/Distributorship and Dealership?

Various kind of supports will be extended like:

  • Periodic Training and Know-How Transfer time to time to upkeep all networks updated about the product and technology
  • All kind of required marketing collaterals (Product brochure, banners, stickers, Standees, Sign Board etc.) support as per company policy
  • Company’s merchandise items periodically like T-Shirt, CAPs, PENs, Showpiece, Gift Articles etc.
  • Interim Road Shows for different Territories including respective CNF/Distributors and Dealers
  • Inclusions of Territorial Tagging in Company’s wide SOCIAL MEDIA advertisement and location based focused marketing (Digital Medium)
  • Company’s factory walk-through and product showcase intermittently for better exposure of process and quality
  • Specific Training related to product handling and managing customer complaint
  • Periodic Sales reviews and addressing territory based sales issues and facilitate support as applicable
  • Bulk discounting and Sales Incentives

What is warranty Policy and key terms for same?

Key highlights of TSUYO Warranty terms:

  1. All related warranty terms with respective products will be honored in line with the company’s policy and will abide as per signed contract
  2. Motors’ full warranty terms only applicable while the usage of TSUYO Motors is installed with TSUYO Controllers to avoid any malfunction in line with available grey products in market or Chinese products
  3. In-case of differently paired with other brand of Motor or Controller, warranty terms will be reduced as per contract
  4. Warranty is applicable towards manufacturing defects only
  5. CNF/Distributorship will be supported with 1-2% FOC units to facilitate immediate support to the customers in case of high urgency
  6. All kind of warranty related problems must be reported immediately with all relevant inputs in terms of data, photos, call log and complain sheet for warranty consideration by the company
  7. It is under company’s discretion based on root cause analysis to approve warranty cases
  8. All channel partners will have to carry out their respective analysis and initial restoration of the motor as far as possible and applicable
  9. In case of Warranty case approval, product will be repaired on FOC basis or replaced with the new one as per case

What are different product lines available for channel partners?

Various Product lines for Channel partners:

  1. E-Rickshaw/E-Loaders:

BLDC Motors: 1.0 KW to 2.0KW (48V /60V)

Controllers: 1.0KW to 2.0KW (48V/60V)

Type: Sine Wave & Square Wave

Allied Products: Axle, Brakes, Spares for Motors & Controllers

  1. E-Auto:

BLDC Motors: 3.0 KW to 6.0KW (48V /60V / 72V)

Controllers: 3.0KW to 6.0KW (48V/60V/72V)

Type: Sine Wave

Allied Products: Axle, Spares for Motors & Controllers

  1. Lithium Battery (Through Project Partners)

Conversion Kit

How to manage stocks and place orders?

The Company management prepares region wise sales target and stock plan and fulfilment strategies to support all channel partners and does periodic review to keep it at par with on-going market demand.

Initial few months of association, the company supports to liquidate the stock and also facilitate different activities to enable channel partner to establish themselves well in the market. After few months, the associated channel partners need to align with the company’s rolling stock update and sales plan and also to participate in all Sales and Stock reviews meetings.

First Month Delivery: Post 6 Weeks of Payment

Subsequent Months: Payment 1 Week before delivery

How is Product pricing updated and reviewed?

The Company management updates and reviews all channel partners for the product pricing half-yearly and shares the updates on PRICING, discount, incentives and other related terms.

All kind of price changes will happen in line with the market competition, Input cost changes, demand scenario or any such reflections.

What is Security Deposit for Dealers and CNF/Distributorship?

Security Deposit –This is refundable and are to be submitted before signing the contract and will be with the company till the contract is valid. Post Termination of the contract,

the same will be returned post deducting the applicable dues if any to the respective channel partners within 45days of termination

Security Deposit for Dealers: INR 10,000/-

Security Deposit for CNF/Distributorship: INR 50,000/-

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